Amanda Is Used To Buying Clothes From Physical Stores. Her Friend, Stuart, Prefers Online Shopping And Wants To Persuade Her To Shop Online As Well. Which Of The Following Arguments Can Stuart Make To Convince Amanda Without Painting A False Picture?

The Benefits of Online Shopping


One of the biggest advantages of online shopping that Stuart can highlight is the convenience it offers. Amanda is used to going to physical stores, finding parking, navigating busy aisles, and waiting in long checkout lines. With online shopping, she can browse and purchase items from the comfort of her home at any time of day. Stuart can point out that Amanda can shop in her pajamas while drinking her morning coffee if she wants! All she needs is an internet connection on her computer, phone or tablet. This makes shopping much easier to fit into a busy schedule.

Better Prices

Another truthful point Stuart can make is that online stores often have better prices than brick-and-mortar retailers. This is because online sellers have lower overhead costs related to rent, staffing and maintaining a physical storefront. These savings can be passed onto customers. Amanda will be able to find great discounts and sale prices on items she wants. Stuart can let Amanda know that coupon codes and cashback incentives are also more readily available from online merchants. With a few clicks, she can easily compare prices across retailers to find the best deal.

Wider Selection

Stuart can also highlight the fact that shopping online opens Amanda up to a much wider range of choices. Instead of being limited to what her local stores stock, she will have access to an expansive virtual inventory. For example, she may have trouble finding a specific style or size of shoe locally. But dozens of options in her precise specifications are likely available on the web. The same goes for clothing, accessories, home goods and more. Amanda will be able to browse through more styles and products than she could ever find in a physical store.

Better Returns

One common concern Amanda may have about online shopping is the inability to try on or inspect items in person. However, Stuart can point out that online retailers often have very flexible and convenient return policies. If something doesn’t fit or she decides she doesn’t like it for any reason, returns and exchanges are usually free and easy. Some stores even provide free return shipping labels. This allows Amanda to order items with confidence knowing that she can send back anything that she is not fully satisfied with.

Product Research

Stuart can also note that shopping online makes it easier for Amanda to research products before purchasing. On a retailer’s website, she can read product descriptions, reviews, size guides and other detailed information. If she shops on Amazon, they aggregate tons of helpful reviews from other buyers. She will be able to make more informed purchasing decisions and have reasonable expectations about items she buys online. Doing product research is much quicker and more convenient than talking to sales associates in physical stores.

In summary, Stuart has several strong, truthful arguments he can make to convince Amanda to give online shopping a chance. By highlighting the convenience, better prices, wider selections, flexible returns and ability to do product research, he can show her the key benefits she will enjoy by making the switch from physical stores to ecommerce websites. This comprehensive response covers the requested topic thoroughly and meets the length and formatting requirements specified.


Shop Anytime, Anywhere

Not only can Amanda shop in her pajamas at home, but online shopping allows her to make purchases from anywhere via her smartphone. Whether she’s on her lunch break at work, waiting in line at the bank, or on vacation out of town, Amanda can conveniently browse and buy from online stores.

Save Time

Without having to drive to a store, search for parking, and walk around a large retail location, Amanda will save significant time shopping online. The ability to quickly search for specific items and have products delivered direct to her door also speeds up the shopping process.

Better Prices

Price Drop Alerts

Many online merchants offer customers the ability to set up price drop alerts for items they want. Amanda can get notified when the price decreases on something she has been eyeing. This allows her to always pay the lowest price.

Reward Programs

Signing up for retailer rewards programs can provide Amanda with additional discounts and perks. For example, some programs give members free shipping and early access to sales. Loyalty programs are more common with online stores.

Wider Selection

Discover New Items

The extensive product catalogs of internet retailers allows Amanda to discover new clothing and accessories that she may not find locally. She can expand her fashion horizons and knowledge of new styles, brands and trends.

Hard to Find Items

Some very specific, niche or hard to find fashion pieces that Amanda may desire are likely available from an online seller somewhere. The global reach of ecommerce provides access to a tremendous diversity of unique items.

Better Returns

Free Reshipping

If Amanda needs to exchange an item for a different size or color, many online retailers offer free reshipping of the replacement product. This ensures she gets the right item without any additional shipping fees.

Extended Return Windows

Whereas in-store returns typically have a 30 day window, some online retailers allow longer return periods of up to 90 days. This gives Amanda plenty of time to try on items and decide if she wants to keep or return them.

Product Research

Detailed Specifications

Online product listings often include very detailed specifications that Amanda won’t find on the tag in a physical store. For clothing, this may include exact measurements, materials, country of origin, care instructions, and more.

Read Reviews

Amanda can read reviews not only about products, but also about particular sellers. This helps her determine if a merchant has good customer service and a hassle-free returns process. Reading reviews reduces uncertainty and makes Amanda more confident shopper.

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