Eufy Security

An Overview of eufy Security

eufy Security is a smart home security brand owned by Anker Innovations. eufy offers a range of security cameras, video doorbells, alarm systems and smart locks designed for home use. The company focuses on delivering advanced security features at an affordable price point compared to many competing brands.

eufy Security Cameras

eufy has several different indoor and outdoor security camera models to choose from. Their cameras capture high-definition video and have features like night vision, motion detection, two-way audio and local storage. Popular eufy camera models include:

  • eufyCam 2C – wireless outdoor security camera system with HomeBase 2 hub for local storage
  • eufyCam 2 – wireless outdoor camera with 365-day battery life
  • Indoor Cam 2K – indoor pan/tilt camera with 2K video resolution
  • Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt – upgraded indoor pan/tilt camera
  • SoloCam S40 – affordable battery-powered outdoor camera

The eufy security cameras connect to the eufy Security app for monitoring, playback and alerts. Users can view live streams, record video clips, configure motion zones and adjust other settings. Footage is stored locally on a base station hub or microSD card.

Video Doorbells

eufy’s video doorbell lineup includes the eufy Security Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 2K and Wireless Video Doorbell 2K. The doorbells feature HD video, two-way audio, motion detection and mobile notifications when someone is at your door. Footage can be stored locally or backed up to the cloud.

eufy Alarm System

The eufy Security Smart Alarm is a wireless home security system. It includes motion sensors, door/window sensors and a Wi-Fi-enabled control hub. Users can arm and disarm the system remotely via the eufy Security app and get notifications if any sensors detect activity when the system is armed. There are both Homekit and Alexa integrations.

Smart Locks

eufy offers the Wi-Fi Smart Lock as part of their security ecosystem. It allows keyless entry using an app, fingerprint ID or Bluetooth keypad. Lock activity logs and remote access are available through the app. The Smart Lock can also integrate with other eufy devices like cameras to automatically lock when you leave home.


With full HD cameras, smart doorbells, alarm systems and smart locks, eufy Security aims to provide a comprehensive home security platform. The products emphasize local storage, long battery life and easy self-installation at budget-friendly prices compared to competing brands. eufy continues adding new products and features to grow their connected home security ecosystem.

Privacy Features

One key selling point of eufy devices is the focus on privacy. Video footage from eufy cameras and doorbells is stored locally via HomeBase or microSD rather than on the cloud. This ensures video clips remain private and are not accessible to third parties. eufy states it does not monitor any video or audio from its devices.

eufy also utilizes local device encryption to further protect data. Video streams are encrypted in transmission from the devices to the HomeBase and apps. The cameras themselves do not directly connect to the internet and instead operate in a closed local network.

Smart Home Integration

The eufy security devices integrate with popular smart home platforms. This allows users to connect eufy products with other smart devices in their home for whole-home automation.

Key platforms supported include:

  • Amazon Alexa – control eufy devices via Alexa voice commands
  • Google Assistant – voice control via Google Home speakers
  • Apple HomeKit – monitoring and control through the Home app
  • SmartThings – integration with Samsung’s SmartThings system

With this integration, users can do things like arm their eufy security system or view doorbell cameras using voice commands. It expands the capabilities of the eufy ecosystem.

Smart Home Compatibility

In addition to smart platforms, eufy products work locally with several other popular smart home brands. For example, users can pair eufy cameras with smart lightbulbs to automatically turn on lights when motion is detected.

Some of the compatible brands include:

  • Philips Hue lights
  • Leviton Decora Smart Switches
  • ecobee Thermostats
  • Schlage and Yale smart locks

This local home automation support adds extra functionality without relying on a centralized cloud platform. Users have more options for building customized smart home rules using the eufy devices.


eufy provides an expansive lineup of smart security products for the whole home. The focus on local storage, encryption, and compatibility with smart home platforms results in a flexible ecosystem that protects privacy. As eufy continues expanding its security offerings, these core principles will likely remain central to their product strategy and appeal.

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