An Overview of pCloud

pCloud is a cloud storage provider that offers secure online file storage and sharing services. Founded in 2013 in Switzerland, pCloud aims to provide a simple, fast and secure cloud storage solution for consumers and businesses alike (1).

Some key features of pCloud include:

File Syncing

pCloud offers two-way syncing between devices, meaning files uploaded to pCloud on one device will automatically sync with other devices logged into the same account. This allows users to access their files from multiple devices seamlessly (2).

File Sharing

pCloud allows users to easily share files and folders with others, either by creating download links or inviting collaborators. Permissions like view only, edit and upload can be set on shared folders (3).

Version History and Restoration

pCloud retains 30 days of version history on files. This allows recovering previous versions in case of accidental edits or deletion. There is also a papertrail feature to see actions performed on files (4).


pCloud offers client-side encryption for files uploaded to their servers. Users hold the decryption key so files cannot be accessed by pCloud. There is also HTTPS/TLS transfer encryption (5).

Other Features

Some other notable features include video and audio streaming, a virtual drive mount and desktop widgets for easy access. pCloud also has mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Storage Plans

pCloud offers several premium plans with differing amounts of storage:

– 500 GB plan: $3.99/month
– 2 TB plan: $7.99/month
– 10 TB plan: $19.99/month

There is also a free plan with 10 GB of storage for testing it out. Paid plans include features like file versioning and remote upload which are not in the free plan (6).

Use Cases

Here are some common use cases for pCloud:

– Individuals – for backing up personal photos, videos, documents etc. The virtual drive allows quick access similar to local storage. File versioning helps recover from accidental changes.

– Small businesses – for storing documents, company data and projects in a centralized location where teams can collaborate. Activity logs help track changes.

– Students – for accessing notes, files and homework seamlessly across devices. File sharing makes collaboration with classmates easy.

– Photographers – for storing raw images and delivering final photos to clients. The streaming features allow delivering content fast (7).


pCloud provides a well-rounded set of features for securely storing, syncing, sharing and streaming files online. Their server-side encryption and other security measures make pCloud suitable for personal and business use cases. The unlimited file version history is a handy capability for recovering from mistakes. Overall pCloud is a veteran cloud storage solution worth considering.

Additional Security Features

Beyond baseline encryption, pCloud offers additional security capabilities:

Remote Wipe

If a device with pCloud installed is lost or stolen, users can remotely wipe their pCloud folder on that device to prevent unauthorized access (8).

Inactivity Monitoring

pCloud monitors periods of inactivity on devices and can automatically log out users after customizable periods of inactivity (9).

Tracking File Access

Within account activity logs, pCloud allows seeing which IPs and devices have accessed specific files in your account (10).

Working with Large Files

pCloud presents some unique capabilities when working with large files:

File Imprint Checksum

Uploading large files to pCloud generates a checksum imprint that can be used to verify integrity if the upload is interrupted (11).

Pause/Resume Uploads

Uploading large files can be paused and resumed from the same point later instead of having to restart (12).

Remote Uploads

For very large files, pCloud allows remotely uploading from one drive to another without having the file downloaded to your device first (13).

Additional Collaboration Tools

pCloud teams and business plans include built-in productivity tools:

Document Editor

An online document editor allows creating and editing office document formats like DOCX, XLSX and PPTX (14).

DrEdit Document Review

DrEdit enables collaborators to review, comment and make suggestions on documents that can be accepted or rejected (15).

Project Management

Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendars and chat enable managing projects and teams from within pCloud (16).

Platforms and APIs

Beyond the desktop and mobile apps, pCloud can integrate in other ways:

Web Access

All pCloud features are accessible from the https://my.pcloud.com web interface for easy access anywhere (17).

Linux Support

Native pCloud desktop apps are available for Linux distros like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora and Mint (18).

Developer API

pCloud offers a REST API and SDKs for building custom integrations and automation (19).


With robust capabilities for large file handling, project collaboration, and custom integrations atop its security-focused architecture, pCloud is a versatile solution fitting both personal and business cloud storage needs.

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