Pro Security Group

Introduction to Pro Security Group

Pro Security Group is a leading provider of professional security services across the United States. Founded in 2005, the company has grown to become one of the most trusted names in private security. With a focus on innovation, customer service, and highly trained personnel, Pro Security Group aims to set the standard for excellence in security solutions.

Services Offered

Pro Security Group offers a wide range of services to meet any security need. This includes armed and unarmed security guards, loss prevention agents, executive protection, event security, alarm monitoring, and more. The company’s security officers are extensively trained in observation and patrol techniques, emergency response, access control, and reporting. Officers receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards and innovations.

Industries Served

Pro Security Group provides professional security personnel and solutions across many industries. This includes retail businesses, hospitals, event venues, commercial real estate, financial institutions, and more. The company’s experience servicing such a diverse clientele gives it unique insight into the security challenges faced by different industries. Pro Security Group leverages this knowledge to provide customized security plans based on each client’s specific needs and risk factors.

Highly Qualified Personnel

At Pro Security Group, personnel are carefully screened, vetted, and trained to meet the company’s uncompromising standards. Security officers must complete an intensive new hire orientation where they receive classroom and hands-on training in areas like emergency response, patrol techniques, report writing, and de-escalation strategies. Additionally, officers receive ongoing professional instruction to stay current with emerging security threats, technologies, and solutions.

Cutting Edge Technology

Pro Security Group utilizes state-of-the-art technology to enhance its security services. Officers use the latest access control and surveillance systems to monitor facilities, control entry, and detect threats. The company also provides high-tech solutions like video analytics, AI-driven surveillance software, drone detection systems, thermal cameras, and more. By constantly adopting new technologies, Pro Security Group can offer the most advanced and comprehensive security available.

Customer Service Excellence

While technology and training are key, Pro Security Group’s main advantage is its outstanding customer service. Clients have a dedicated account manager who gets to know their business and objectives. Pro Security Group invests significant resources in selecting managers and security personnel who exhibit courtesy, professionalism, and excellent communication abilities. This allows the company to deliver unparalleled service levels and responsive solutions tailored to each client’s needs.


With its combination of innovative technology, thorough training programs, and exceptional customer service, Pro Security Group represents the future of private security. It has become one of America’s most trusted security providers by consistently exceeding expectations. The company’s success demonstrates how adopting the latest industry advances and making customer satisfaction a top priority can lead to leadership in professional security services.

Specialized Industry Solutions

In addition to providing generalized security services, Pro Security Group has become known for its expertise in securing specific high-risk industries like healthcare, banking, tech, and cannabis. The company analyzes each industry’s unique challenges and regulatory issues to create customized solutions. For example, healthcare facilities require specialized access control and video monitoring to protect patient confidentiality, while cannabis retailers need enhanced cash management services.

Healthcare Security

Pro Security Group implements advanced healthcare security measures like remote video auditing, AI analytics to detect threats, and access control integration with patient records systems. Officers receive HIPAA compliance training to protect patient privacy.

Banking Security

To secure financial institutions, Pro Security Group conducts frequent patrols of perimeters, entry points, and banking floors to deter criminal threats. The company also manages ATM replenishment and cash transports with armored vehicle services and smart cash-handling technologies.

Expanded Geographic Footprint

In recent years, Pro Security Group has rapidly expanded its geographic footprint by opening new operational hubs and acquiring smaller regional security firms. It now maintains a presence across 30 states, allowing it to provide consistent services to large multi-location corporate clients. The company’s national reach combined with its local service capabilities enable it to respond quickly and effectively to any client’s security needs.

Strategic Acquisitions

Pro Security Group has grown its national footprint by acquiring leading local security companies and integrating their personnel and resources. This preserves regional expertise while expanding capabilities.

New Innovations

At Pro Security Group, innovation never stops. The company deploys the latest advancements in security technology as soon as they become available. Recent innovations include AI-enabled cameras and sensors to automatically flag anomalies and threats, GPS tracking of response vehicles for faster dispatch, and drone detection systems at large outdoor venues.

Cutting Edge AI Security

Pro Security Group utilizes AI platforms like Anthropic’s Claude to provide real-time cognitive threat detection, analysis, and response recommendations. This augments human security officers with data-driven insights.

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