An Overview of Degoo Cloud Storage

Degoo is a cloud storage service that offers high capacity storage for free and paid plans. The service was launched in 2019 by Degoo AB, a Swedish tech company. Degoo aims to provide an alternative to more well-known cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.

Key Features of Degoo

Some of the key features and capabilities of Degoo include:

  • Free plan offers 100GB of storage.
  • Paid plans provide up to 10TB of storage.
  • File versioning to restore previous versions.
  • AES 256-bit encryption for secure file transfer and storage.
  • File recovery capabilities.
  • File sharing between Degoo users.
  • Cross-platform accessibility on mobile, desktop, and web.
  • Backup for PCs, external drives, and mobile devices.

Benefits of Using Degoo

For many users, the biggest draw to Degoo is the large amount of free cloud storage provided. 100GB for free is higher than most competitor offerings. This makes Degoo ideal for users who need lots of storage space but don’t want to pay.

Another major benefit is the high level of security. With AES 256-bit encryption, users can securely store sensitive files and share with confidence. The file recovery and versioning features also help prevent accidental data loss.

The universal accessibility across different platforms is convenient for users who want cloud access on all their devices. And mobile/PC backup ensures files are protected beyond just cloud storage.

Limitations of Degoo

There are some downsides and limitations to consider with Degoo:

  • Upload/download speeds can be slow at times.
  • Limited native desktop/mobile apps.
  • Minimal collaboration features compared to Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Only basic preview capabilities for documents and media.
  • No Linux support.

While the speeds are slow compared to top competitors, this is likely due to the sheer volume of free users on the service. The lack of Linux support may also limit the appeal for some users.

Is Degoo Right for You?

For those simply needing copious amounts of secure cloud storage at no cost, Degoo is a superb option. Power users desiring features like real-time collaboration or offline access may want to explore other services though.

Degoo is ideal for archival-style storage of personal media files, documents, or other data you want encrypted and safely stored long-term. Just don’t expect ultra-fast performance and seamless syncing across devices.

Overall, Degoo offers exceptional value given the free 100GB of space. For basic cloud backup and storage needs, it’s hard to beat. As long as you can work around some of the limitations, Degoo is definitely worth considering.

Expanded Details on Degoo’s Key Features

File Versioning

Degoo’s file versioning capability allows users to restore previous iterations of a file. This is useful if changes are made and you need to revert or recover an older copy. Versions are retained for up to 3 months.

Data Recovery

With the data recovery features, users can restore files that may have been accidentally deleted or lost. This provides an additional safeguard against permanent data loss.

A Closer Look at Degoo’s Speed and Performance

Upload/Download Speeds

While speeds are slower compared to Google Drive or Dropbox, Degoo uploads and downloads at a rate of around 2-3 MB/s on average. This is suitable for transferring larger files in the background.

Causes of Slow Speeds

The large user base and free plans likely contribute to slower speeds. Degoo may limit resources for free users to manage capacity. Paid plans may see improved upload/download performance.

Use Cases Where Degoo Excels

Personal Media Storage

With high capacity free plans, Degoo is great for storing personal photos, videos, and other media files.

Sensitive Document Archiving

The security features make Degoo suitable for safely storing sensitive documents long term that need encryption.

Secondary Backup Repository

Degoo works well as a secondary backup source for personal data you want stored offline from your main devices.

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