Eufy Cloud Storage

What is eufy Cloud Storage?

eufy Cloud Storage is a cloud storage service offered by Anker’s smart home brand eufy for use with their security cameras. It gives you the ability to store recorded video footage from eufy cameras in the cloud rather than relying solely on local storage on an SD card in the camera itself.

Some key things to know about eufy Cloud Storage:

  • Provides up to 30 days of continuous recording storage per camera.
  • Video is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud.
  • Accessible from the eufy Security app on your mobile device or via web browser.
  • Various subscription plans available depending on number of cameras and amount of storage needed.

Using the cloud storage allows you to have a backup of important footage if something happens to your local camera storage. It’s also useful if you want to be able to access the footage when away from home.

Adding Cameras to eufy Cloud Storage

Adding your eufy cameras to the eufy Cloud Storage service is straightforward:

  1. Open the eufy Security app on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the settings section for the camera you want to add.
  3. Tap on ‘Cloud Storage’ and select one of the available subscription options.
  4. Enter your payment information and confirm the subscription.

Once subscribed, your camera will automatically begin uploading recordings to the cloud storage each time motion is detected.

The number of cameras you can add depends on the subscription plan you choose. For example, the Basic plan supports one camera with 10 days of storage for $2.99/month. They offer several tiers up to 10 cameras with 30 days storage on the Premier plan.

Viewing Cloud Video Footage

To view videos saved to eufy cloud storage:

  • Open the eufy Security mobile app and tap on the ‘Cloud Storage’ button at the bottom.
  • Select the camera you want to view footage from.
  • Use the timeline to browse footage and tap on clips to play them.

You can also access and download cloud recordings by logging into your eufy Security account on a web browser. This gives you another convenient way to retrieve footage stored in the cloud.


Some things to keep in mind when using eufy Cloud Storage:

  • It takes some time for new recordings to be uploaded to the cloud after motion is detected.
  • Bandwidth requirements for uploading large amounts of footage may impact other internet usage.
  • Recurring subscription fees apply based on your plan.
  • Locally stored video can still be useful as a backup or if internet outage occurs.

Overall, eufy Cloud Storage is a straightforward add-on service that provides useful offsite backups for your eufy security cameras. Just be aware of the limitations and costs before relying solely on the cloud storage. Utilizing both local and cloud storage together can give you the best reliability and accessibility.

Choosing the Right Subscription Plan

When picking an eufy cloud storage plan, consider both the number of cameras you have and how far back you need to access recordings. The higher tier plans allow more cameras and retain footage for longer periods. Estimate the monthly storage needed per camera based on resolution and motion frequency. Leave room to add more cameras later too.

Enabling Motion Detection Zones

To avoid excessive recordings being uploaded, set motion detection zones in the eufy Security app. Customize areas per camera where you want motion to trigger recording. This focuses recordings on key areas and helps manage cloud storage.

Using Local and Cloud Storage Together

Use local SD card storage to keep a rolling buffer of the most recent 1-3 days. Have this local cache overlap with your cloud storage retention window. This gives you access to recent footage if the internet goes down. critical event happens outside the cloud storage window.

Downloading and Backing Up Important Footage

Download key events and back them up externally in case something happens to your cloud account. For example, save video of break-ins or accidents to a computer or external hard drive. This provides an additional layer of redundancy.

Sharing Footage with Friends, Family or Authorities

Use the share options in the eufy app to easily share clips with others as needed. This allows you to securely give relevant footage to friends, family members or authorities to aid investigations or insurance claims.

Enabling Notifications

Use push notifications to be alerted in real-time when motion is detected. This helps you take live action or go back and check triggered events quickly after the fact. Adjust notification frequency to suit your needs.

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