How To Fix Dropbox Not Syncing

To fix Dropbox not syncing, first, ensure you have a stable internet connection and restart both the Dropbox app and your device. If the issue persists, try signing out and back into your Dropbox account or reinstalling the app to resolve any potential software conflicts.

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How to fix Dropbox not syncing and other issues – Dropbox Help

How to fix Dropbox not syncing and other issues
This article covers basic fixes for Dropbox sync issues and startup problems. Try the steps below if:


Note: If your device has an unreliable internet connection or a file is very large, it may take longer for Dropbox to sync. You can wait a few minutes for Dropbox to catch up. If that doesn’t work, try the steps below.

Sections in this article:

Locate Dropbox
Check your internet connection
Reopen or refresh Dropbox
Make sure Dropbox supports your device
to make sure your device and operating system are supported by Dropbox. If it’s not, you can update your device or use a different one.

On Mac: give Dropbox full disk access
If you’re on MacOS 12 or earlier, follow these steps to set your permissions to allow Dropbox.

Note: Make sure you’re before you begin.

If you’re on a MacOS 13 or later, follow these steps to set your permissions to allow Dropbox.

Note: Make sure you’re before you begin.

Check your accounts
You can sign in to multiple accounts on the same device, so if you’re missing a file that should have synced, make sure you’re on the right account.


Check your sync status
If your files and folders are different across your devices, you can . You can also .

Keep the Dropbox desktop app open
Close your other applications
If you have one of your Dropbox files open in another application, like Microsoft Word, your file might not sync properly. Close all non-Dropbox applications, then close and re-open the file on Dropbox.

Check your file names
Certain special characters, like “*” (asterisk) or “/” (forward slash), aren’t compatible with all devices. Remove any special characters in your filenames.


Make sure you’ve saved your file to Dropbox
Search your computer for the file with or . If it’s not in Dropbox , it won’t sync with Dropbox.


Check whether a folder is added to your account
If you edit a file that’s in a shared folder, but the folder is not in your account, the changes you make to the file won’t appear in the folder.


Make sure others haven’t changed or moved your file
Sign in to and check to make sure no one moved, deleted, or renamed your file or folder.


Check the number and size of the files stored in your Dropbox account
The number of files you can store in your Dropbox account is limited by . If you run out of space in your account, consider or .

Files uploaded through the or must be 2 TB or smaller and files uploaded to must be 50 GB or smaller.
All files uploaded to your Dropbox account must be smaller than the . For example, if your account has a storage quota of 2 GB, you can upload one 2 GB file or many files that add up to 2 GB. If you’re over your storage quota, Dropbox will stop syncing.
Note: Files uploaded through the must be 350 GB or smaller.

Get more help
If you’ve tried all the steps above and your files still won’t sync, or .


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Advanced sync solutions and troubleshooting – Dropbox Help

Advanced sync solutions and troubleshooting are essential when facing issues with Dropbox file syncing. If basic troubleshooting methods have failed to resolve the problem, here are some advanced steps to follow:

1. Check your firewall, security, and antivirus settings: Sometimes, your firewall, antivirus, or security settings can hinder the syncing process on Dropbox. To ensure smooth synchronization, verify if any of these settings are causing the problem.

2. Check your network restrictions: If you encounter an error message like can’t establish secure connection, it might indicate that your network has specific security restrictions. In such cases, you may need to modify, update, or manually configure the network settings to permit access to the *.dropbox domain.

3. Verify file type compatibility: Dropbox may not sync certain file types. It is important to be aware of the file formats that are not supported to avoid syncing issues.

4. Troubleshoot your external hard drive: If you use an external hard drive with Dropbox, ensure that it is functioning correctly. Problems with the external drive can prevent proper syncing.

5. Ensure automatic syncing of app changes: Dropbox can seamlessly sync file changes made within the application itself. However, if you edit a file in an application that does not automatically save changes, you must manually save the file by re-adding it to Dropbox.

6. Check for read-only or locked files: If a file is set to read-only or is locked by another non-Dropbox application, it cannot be synced to Dropbox. It is crucial to confirm the file’s permissions and make necessary adjustments.

7. Verify available disk space: Dropbox may issue a warning if your storage space is full. In such cases, you must free up space to continue syncing.

8. Update or reinstall non-Dropbox applications: When using third-party applications to edit files synced with Dropbox, it is vital to keep these applications updated. If issues persist, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the application to see if it resolves the syncing problem.

The effectiveness of this troubleshooting guide can be improved with user feedback. If the article was not helpful, users are encouraged to provide feedback on areas for improvement to enhance the assistance provided in the future.

In conclusion, when facing complex issues with Dropbox syncing, these advanced solutions can be highly beneficial. By checking various settings, verifying file compatibility, and ensuring proper app functionality, users can resolve syncing problems and optimize their Dropbox experience. Feedback from users is essential for continuous improvement of the troubleshooting process.


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Dropbox Not Syncing Fix for 2023 [How to Solve File Sync Issues]

Dropbox Not Syncing Fix for 2023 [How to Solve File Sync Issues] may earn a small commission from some purchases made through our site. However, any affiliate earnings do not affect how we review services.

Table of Contents

Dropbox makes syncing files across devices very simple, whether you’re using it on your computer, phone or tablet. However, if Dropbox has stopped syncing properly, it’s often difficult to figure out the problem. Luckily, in this article, we’ve listed some common causes of Dropbox not syncing and how you can troubleshoot this problem.

Key Takeaways: Fix Dropbox Files Not Syncing
The troubleshooting tips in this article are for Windows PC users, but many of them apply to any operating system, including macOS, iOS and Android. Trying some of these tips should help you get back to syncing files in no time. It’s also important to know that you can always contact Dropbox support if you’ve tried everything and the issue still persists.

To avoid running into Dropbox not syncing issues in the future, always keep an eye out for updates to the Dropbox app. If you’d like to learn more about Dropbox, you can read our and guide to .

If you’ve found that Dropbox stopped syncing, you’ll want to find a solution to make sure your files are safely stored in the cloud. Before we go over the steps you can take to troubleshoot Dropbox syncing issues, let’s first look into the possible reasons for them.

One common culprit is a . If your connection to the internet is unstable, Dropbox may be unable to sync your files.

Programs like antivirus and firewalls can also block Dropbox due to incorrectly flagging it as malicious.

Another possible reason for Dropbox syncing issues is a lack of storage space. If you’ve run out of space on your computer’s hard drive and Dropbox account, you may experience syncing issues.

Excess cache and data on your computer can also cause Dropbox to stop syncing properly. When cache accumulates on your hard drive, it can slow down or even block Dropbox from accessing or uploading files.

How to Fix Dropbox Not Syncing
Now that we’ve addressed common reasons why you may be unable to sync files in Dropbox, we’ll look at the steps you can take to fix these issues. This section covers basic as well as advanced things you can try if Dropbox stopped syncing. Here are some things you can try to fix Dropbox syncing issues.

1. Refresh or Restart Dropbox
This simple yet effective step is quite easy to overlook. Restarting your Dropbox application helps shut down background processes that could be interfering with file syncing on Dropbox.

To refresh the Dropbox website, just click the “refresh” button or press “F5” on your keyboard. Restarting the Dropbox application involves a few more steps.

Here’s how to restart the Dropbox app. These simple steps should fix the sync issue if it was caused by background processes.

2. Check Your Internet Connection
There are several ways you can test if a poor internet connection is the cause of your sync issues. First, you can easily test whether your internet connection is stable by typing a few URLs into your web browser and loading them. If the pages lag or don’t open at all, then your internet connection may be the reason for Dropbox not syncing.

You can also test your internet connection by running a speed test in a . Websites such as and let you test the speed of your internet connection. We’ll use to show you how you can run an internet speed test.

3. Clear Your Dropbox Cache
You may run into problems when syncing files on Dropbox if cache and data have piled up significantly on the app. Cache contains temporary files, which can build up and start to affect application performance over time. Follow these steps to clear Dropbox’s application cache.

4. Check Your Storage Space
If you’ve run out of disk space, the files you will stop syncing. You can check the available space by doing the following steps.

If you find that you’re running out of space on your device, you can use Dropbox’s Smart Sync and Selective Sync feature to free up more space on your device. These two features come in handy when you don’t need to access all the files in your Dropbox account through your computer. Read our guide to learn more about them.

5. Check the File
Dropbox does not support the use of certain special characters, as well as emojis or emoticons, in file names. The special characters you can’t use for file naming include \ / : * ? “< > |. Check your file names to make sure they don’t have any special characters. Some OSs don’t even support the use of these characters in file naming, as shown in the image below.

6. Contact Customer Support
If you’ve tried the above steps and your files are still not syncing, consider contacting Dropbox support. Follow these steps to contact the support team.

Final Thoughts: Dropbox Won’t Sync
If Dropbox is not syncing and none of the above steps work, there are other things you can try. You can confirm whether you’re using the most recent version of the Dropbox app. You can also check the Dropbox for information on how well the system is performing. As a last resort, you can always contact Dropbox support for assistance.

We have other helpful guides, such as how to or how to .

Have you ever run into Dropbox syncing issues? What did you do to solve them if Dropbox doesn’t sync files? If you have other helpful hacks, let us know in the comment section below. As always, thanks for reading.


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Sync – Dropbox Help

Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Dropbox not syncing, along with understanding how to manage and monitor the sync process effectively.

Syncing is a crucial feature of Dropbox, ensuring that your files and folders are updated across all your devices. However, sometimes you might encounter issues with Dropbox not syncing properly. It can be frustrating to have files stuck in the syncing process or finding that the sync is taking longer than expected. In this guide, we will explore how to diagnose and fix these issues.

To start, let’s discuss pausing and resuming file syncing. If you need to temporarily stop Dropbox from syncing files to your computer, you can do this by pausing the sync. This might be helpful when you’re facing bandwidth constraints or need to prioritize other tasks. When you’re ready to resume syncing, you can easily do so, ensuring that all your files stay up to date across your devices.

One common reason for Dropbox not syncing is outdated or misconfigured installations and integrations. Therefore, it is essential to keep the Dropbox desktop app up to date. Whenever you add or modify files in Dropbox, the app needs to sync those changes. By ensuring that the app is updated, you can prevent potential syncing issues.

If you’re wondering whether your Dropbox files are syncing properly, you can check their sync status and order. The desktop app provides an overview of what files are currently syncing, and you can learn how to manage the syncing process effectively. This way, you can quickly identify any files or folders that might be stuck in the sync queue and take appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Understanding the sync icons in the Dropbox desktop app is also crucial for effective sync management. These sync icons, specifically designed for the Windows version, indicate the status of your files and folders. By learning the meaning of each icon, you can quickly assess which files have completed syncing, which are currently in progress, and which might be facing issues during the sync process.

In conclusion, Dropbox sync is a vital feature that ensures your files are consistently updated across devices. To fix syncing issues, it’s essential to update the Dropbox app regularly and check for any misconfigurations or integration problems. Additionally, knowing how to pause and resume syncing and understanding the sync icons in the desktop app will empower you to manage and monitor the sync process effectively. With these troubleshooting techniques, you can overcome Dropbox syncing issues and enjoy seamless file synchronization across all your devices.


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13 Troubleshooting Tips For When Dropbox Files Are Not Syncing

13 Troubleshooting Tips For When Dropbox Files Are Not Syncing
If you use Dropbox as your primary storage, you need uninterrupted access to your files all the time. Sometimes, you may find that your . If this happens, you won’t be able to keep your files in sync and your devices will have older versions of your files.

There are many reasons why Dropbox files are not syncing. Some of these reasons include your firewall preventing Dropbox from sending and receiving files, trying to upload restricted files, and so on.

Close & Re-Open Dropbox On Your Computer
One easy way to fix most minor issues with files not syncing is to close the Dropbox app and then re-open it. This should fix sync issues on your computer.

Allow Dropbox Through Your Computer Firewall
If your firewall is causing Dropbox not to sync your files, you need to add Dropbox as an .

Stop Other Syncing Apps When You Use Dropbox
If you use other apps to sync content on your computer, you need to stop those apps while Dropbox is syncing its content. Running multiple sync apps at the same time can cause Dropbox not to sync your files.

Close your other sync apps like OneDrive and until Dropbox finishes syncing your files.

Make Sure There’s Enough Storage Available In Your Dropbox Account
If you’re adding new files to your Dropbox account, you need to make sure there’s enough memory space available in your account. You can check your storage usage on the Dropbox website as follows.

Set The Correct Time & Date On Your Computer
Some sync procedures require that your date and time settings are correct. If your time and date settings are incorrect, you need to fix them.

Rename Your Files To Fix The Dropbox Sync Issue
One reason your Dropbox files are not syncing is that you have some restricted characters in your file names. telling what characters are not allowed in your file names if you want to upload your files to the service.

You can to fix this issue.

Use The Selective Sync Option In Dropbox
If your Dropbox sync is only , you may not have chosen those files or folders in the Selective Sync option.

Fix The Hardlinks In Dropbox On Your Computer
Dropbox suggests you use the option to fix your hardlinks to resolve the issue where your Dropbox files are not syncing.

Remove The Dropbox Cache Files
The cache files are often the reason your Dropbox files are not syncing. will fix the sync issue.

Fix The Permission Issues With Dropbox
Dropbox can’t sync your files if it doesn’t have permission to do so. This may be why some of your Dropbox files are not syncing. You can with a command in CMD.

Turn Off Your Antivirus Software
with Dropbox but some may cause issues with it. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep your antivirus tool turned off while you’re syncing your files with Dropbox.

Use The App Troubleshooter To Fix Dropbox Sync Issues
If you have downloaded Dropbox from the , you can use the App Troubleshooter utility to fix issues with the Dropbox app.

Reinstall Dropbox On Your Computer
If no methods fixed your issue, your last option is to reinstall the Dropbox app on your computer. This’ll fix both minor and major issues with the sync procedure.

Did any of these methods fix the Dropbox sync issues on your computer? What method worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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Solved: Dropbox stuck in Syncing. – Dropbox Community


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Solved: Dropbox not syncing files – Dropbox Community

Dropbox not syncing files
I use my dropbox a lot, but for the past couple of day I guess it hasn’t been syncing my files? I was just going through the folder and most stuff has the green checkmark, but the most recent stuff has the blue syncing icon. The status icon says connecting. My computer is connected to the internet so I don’t know what the issue is. Using the dropbox program on windows

Hello, …

I’m giving you a few suggestions to try in case I’m not around when you come back to post your progress. Worst case senario is that we can alleviate a few culprits as the cause.

First, let’s start by checking your since you didn’t specify what type of account you use (eg: , or ).

How much storage space is available when you (eg: 900 MB of 2 GB used)? If you’re over your storage quota then your files won’t sync (upload).

In addition, be sure to run the as instructed in the .

Also, what version of the Desktop Client are you using (hover mouse over the Dropbox icon).

I recommend that you try the (offline installer) vs any beta versions that are available (eg: v49.3.67). After installing it, please restart your computer. Be certain that you use the same Dropbox login credentials when you sign-in to the Desktop Client.

PLEASE NOTE: To prevent from receiving early releases of the beta versions of the Desktop Client… login to your , scroll downward to the Early Release section and make sure that it’s OFF (view screenshot below).

I’ve included a few Help Center articles listed below, this way you can read them at your leisure (if needed).



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Dropbox Not Syncing [Solved] – Super Easy

Dropbox Not Syncing [Solved] Dropbox not syncing your files? You would be very annoyed and frustrated. But don’t give up hope… Usually this is a easy problem to troubleshoot. In this article, you’ll learn the step-by-step guide to fix your problem. Read on and find how…

Go on with the following questions to troubleshoot the Dropbox not syncing problem step-by-step:

Q1: Is Dropbox running on your device?
First things first, make sure Dropbox is running correctly on your computer. You can check the status of Dropbox on the menu bar of your device.

Suppose you’re using a Windows computer, you can check the status of Dropbox through this step:

The Dropbox system tray appears at the task bar. If you don’t see it, check it in the hidden menu through the small white arrow.

If unfortunately, you don’t see the Dropbox icon or it’s grayed out, restart Dropbox and then check if your files could be syncing successfully.

If Dropbox still keeps not syncing, no worries, move on to next step.

Q2: Does your device connect to Internet?
Dropbox syncing works relying on the Internet connection. So please check if your device connects to Internet. Or you can simply reconnect your device to Internet and then check if Dropbox could sync your file.

If Dropbox still keeps not syncing, no worries, move on to next step.

Q3: Do you try to restart your device?
Sometimes a simple restart can help you to fix many software woes. So when Dropbox is not syncing, give restarting your device a try. When your device reboots, check if Dropbox is syncing successfully.

If Dropbox still keeps not syncing, no worries, move on to next step.

Q4: Is there any other program editing the files you want to sync in Dropbox?
If the file you want to sync in Dropbox is open at the same time in other applications, Dropbox would then be unable to sync the file.

When your files are open or editing in some applications, like Microsoft Office, they would be locked. This lock may prevent Dropbox accessing and syncing your files. If this is the case, please save your files and exit the application where your file is open. And then Dropbox will fully sync your files.

If Dropbox still keeps not syncing, no worries, move on to next step.

Q5: Does your file name has any incompatible character?
If there’s any incompatible character in your file name, Dropbox can’t sync your file then.

Here are some common character issues for the file name you may probably encounter:

1) Files are incompatible with all operating systems with these two characters:

/ forward slash

\ back slash

2) Files are incompatible with Windows system with these characters:

< less than > greater than

: colon

“ double quote

| vertical bar

? question mark

* asterisk

. period or a space at the end of the file name

You can check . If there’s any incompatible character appearing in your file name, delete the specific character to rename your file. Once you do, check if Dropbox could sync your file.

If Dropbox still keeps not syncing, no worries, move on to next step.

Q6: Are you using the Selective Sync feature?
The Selective Sync feature on Dropbox enables you select those folders you want to see on your device. That is to say, you can’t see those folders you un-select. Follow the steps below to check if you’re using this feature and the files Dropbox doesn’t sync are unchecked:

Note: The screenshots below are from Windows system, but the method also applies to other operating systems.

1) Click the Dropbox icon at the menu bar on your device. Then click the Setting icon to select Preferences.

2) Click Selective Sync… on the Sync pane.

3) Wait Dropbox loading your folders. Then check to see if there’s any folder unchecked. And if yes and also that’s where the files Dropbox doesn’t sync locate, check the folder and click Update.

4) Click OK.

5) Click Apply > OK, and back to your Dropbox window to see if Dropbox syncs your files.

If you aren’t using the Selective Sync feature, simply move on to next step.

Q7: Is Dropbox whitelisted on your device?
If you’ve installed a firewall, say a security or antivirus software, the firewall may probably prevent Dropbox from accessing Internet. As a result, Dropbox cannot sync your files.

Open your firewall’s settings and check if Dropbox is whitelisted there. And if you have Dropbox on different devices, please make sure Dropbox is whitelisted on all of your devices.

Here’s an screenshot of Windows Defender in Windows system as an example:

If Dropbox still keeps not syncing, don’t give up hope, we have one more method for you. Please move on to next step.

Q8: Is Dropbox on your device up-to-date?
If you aren’t running the latest version of Dropbox, you might encounter some trouble, including this not syncing problem. So please make sure you’re running the latest version.

You can get the latest version of Dropbox through following steps:

Click the Dropbox icon on your menu bar and then click Upgrade.

Go on to click Upgrade your Dropbox and following the on-screen instructions to finish up.

Hopefully this helps you fix your problem. Feel free to comment below with your own experiences and share with your friends or colleagues if they’re having the same problem.

April, a Microsoft Certified Professional(MCP), aims to make readers’ tech life easy and enjoyable. She’s passionate about helping people solve their computer, phone & app woes. That’s not giving you a lot of detail, is it? So read more from the following articles.



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11 Best Ways to Fix Dropbox Not Connecting or Syncing on Windows 10 Error

11 Best Ways to Fix Dropbox Not Connecting or Syncing on Windows 10 Error
Dropbox is a popular cloud storage solution that, for the most part, works right out of the box. But like all apps and software, it throws occasional errors and issues. One common error that quite a few users face is Dropbox not connecting or syncing on Windows 10 computers.

Some common reasons could be an internet or Wi-Fi issues, exhausted bandwidth, , or lack of storage space in Dropbox. I hope you have checked for these errors before going ahead with the guide below.

Let’s begin.

1. Network Troubleshoot
If you are facing network errors, then press Windows key+I to open Settings and search for Find and fix network problems.

Select Apply repairs automatically here and then click on Next to follow on-screen instructions after that. If the system detects any errors, it will recommend steps to fix the same.

2. File Is in Use
If the file you are trying to upload or sync is open in another app, then it won’t sync. You will need to close the file before it can sync properly. Try it.

3. Restart Sync
Right-click on the Dropbox icon in the System Tray, click on your profile pic and select Pause syncing option here.

Wait a few moments and then repeat the same steps to click on Resume syncing.

That can help jumpstart the sync process and also solve Dropbox not connecting problem for you.

4. Shared Folder Revoked
One of the key features of cloud storage is the ability to with others. That allows others to access, view, and edit files while on the move. If someone shared a folder or a file with you, it would be visible in your primary folder. Now, if the folder or file is no longer being shared with you and rights have been revoked, the sync will not work anymore.

Is sync working for other files and folders? Can you sync new files? Is the shared file/folder still visible? If the answer is no to all or even any of these questions, you know what the problem is.

5. Different Folder
Try uploading the same file to a different Dropbox folder and see if that helps with the sync process. If it works, the folder might be corrupt. I suggest moving everything from that folder to a new one.

6. Whitespace Conflict
A whitespace conflict is a common issue that occurs when a user names one file or folder the same as other except for additional space somewhere in the name. Dropbox will automatically with the words Whitespace Conflict.

But that might not always happen, and you may remain oblivious to the error. I suggest you check for files and folders with duplicate names to make sure none are named identically save for the additional space or whitespace.

While Dropbox notes that leaving the file/folder with the appended name should be okay, several users have faced Dropbox not syncing error on Windows 10 because of it.

7. Selective Sync Settings
Dropbox comes with a selective sync feature where you can choose to sync only select folders, leaving the rest offline on your computer. Maybe that’s why the folder or files inside that folder are not syncing?

Right-click on the Dropbox icon in the System Tray again and select Preferences under the profile pic.

Click on the Selective Sync button under the Sync tab.

You can now select the folders or sub-folders that you do want to sync in the pop-up that follows.

Once done, click on Update and then Apply to save changes. Files and folders may take some time before syncing, depending on the size of the file and your internet speed.

8. Sign out and Back in
There is no sign out option in the Dropbox app on Windows 10. Instead, you will unlink your Dropbox account and then re-link it. Right-click on the Dropbox icon in System Tray and select Preferences again.

Click Unlink This Dropbox button under the Account tab. You will then reboot your computer once and then go back and add your account. It may take some time before everything syncs, so be patient. Check again if Dropbox still not connecting or syncing.

9. Restart Dropbox Process
Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager and search for Dropbox under the Processes tab.

Right-click on all instances of Dropbox here and select End task. Reboot your computer now and then relaunch Dropbox from the Start menu or desktop shortcut you may have created to begin the process.

10. Antivirus and Firewall
Check whichever antivirus that you are using to make sure that Dropbox has not been blocked. There should be a way to whitelist installed Windows 10 apps somewhere in there. In the case of the Windows Firewall or any other app you might be using, you to make sure it works with Dropbox.

11. Uninstall, Advanced Reinstall
Uninstalling Dropbox won’t delete your files anywhere. Neither in the cloud nor on your computer, so don’t worry. Search for and open Control Panel from the Start menu.

Search for and select Uninstall a program in the search bar.

Find Dropbox here and right-click to select the Uninstall option here.

Download the latest stable version of Dropbox from the link below and install it. You will need to sign in and set it up before sync begins again.

If Dropbox is not connecting or syncing on Windows 10 still, the support staff has shared a detailed process. It is aimed at a clean install so that old files and other cache data won’t result in the same errors as before.

Drop It in the Box
Dropbox is an awesome cloud storage solution, but it is not the only one out there. There are others like it that you can try. If Dropbox is giving you trouble, and you can’t resolve it, I would recommend , OneDrive, and Box cloud storage platforms.

Next up: Click on the link below to learn which is a better solution between Dropbox and Google Photos to store your precious memories.


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Check if your Dropbox files are syncing – Dropbox Help


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