Providers May Create Co-Branded Marketing Pieces Using The Wellcare Name And Logo, As Long As They Are Using The Current, Approved Logo.

Using the WellCare Name and Logo in Co-Branded Marketing

Requirements for Using WellCare’s Brand

As a WellCare provider, you may have opportunities to co-brand marketing materials with WellCare’s name and logo. This allows you to associate your practice or healthcare services with a respected national healthcare brand. However, there are specific requirements and guidelines for using WellCare’s trademarks and branding.

Obtain Approval

Before creating any co-branded marketing materials, you must obtain approval from WellCare. This ensures proper use of the brand and alignment with WellCare’s messaging and visual standards. WellCare has dedicated marketing teams who can review proposed designs and content and provide guidance.

Use Current Logos

If approval is obtained, providers must use current, approved versions of the WellCare name and logo. The logo should match the preferred brand standards for color, size, space around the logo, etc. WellCare occasionally updates its branding, so make sure you have the most up-to-date logo files. Using an outdated or unapproved logo version is grounds for removing permission to use WellCare’s brand.

Follow Brand Guidelines

In addition to the logo file itself, WellCare has specific brand guidelines for usage of its name and visual identity. This includes things like proper capitalization of the name, acceptable taglines, spacing around the logo, and usage over images or background colors. Providers must carefully follow these guidelines whenever using WellCare’s intellectual property. This helps maintain the integrity and recognition of the brand.

Size and Placement

For co-branded materials, WellCare’s brand should not be more prominent than the provider’s brand. The WellCare logo must be equal to or smaller in size than the provider’s logo. WellCare’s logo should also not appear directly next to the provider’s logo, but have sufficient spacing between them. This ensures an appropriate hierarchy and relationship between the brands.

Review Finished Product

Before final printing and distribution, providers should submit the finished co-branded marketing materials to WellCare for one last review. This allows WellCare to confirm its brand is being properly displayed and meets all guidelines. WellCare may require revisions to the design if issues are found before approving final distribution.

Benefits of Co-branding with WellCare

When done properly, co-branded marketing that includes WellCare’s brand can provide several benefits:

– Increased credibility and trust, associated with the WellCare name

– Greater awareness and visibility for your services, leveraging WellCare’s brand recognition

– Ability to reach WellCare members and associate your brand with a payer they know

– Shared production costs for marketing materials

By following brand guidelines and obtaining approvals, providers can effectively partner with WellCare to promote healthcare services and strengthen their own brand reputation. Reach out to your WellCare contact to learn more about co-branding opportunities.

Using Co-Branded Materials Effectively

Once you have received approval from WellCare and created co-branded marketing materials using their brand, it is important to use these materials effectively. Here are some tips:

Distribute Through Multiple Channels

Do not limit your co-branded marketing to just one channel. Printed materials such as brochures and flyers should be distributed at your office location, health fairs, community centers, etc. You can also use digital distribution methods such as email, social media, and targeted ads. The broader your reach, the better.

Target WellCare Members

Make sure to strategically target current and potential WellCare members with the co-branded messaging. This includes both distributing materials physically at locations/events WellCare members frequent and digitally targeting them through member email lists, online ads, and social media. Position the co-branding as a way to strengthen their connection to WellCare.

Train Frontline Staff

Educate your frontline staff, call center employees, physicians, and other personnel about the co-branded materials and partnership with WellCare. Train them to enthusiastically talk about the benefits when interacting with patients and members. This helps drive engagement and interest.

Report Back to WellCare

Provide periodic reports back to your WellCare account representative about how the co-branded marketing is performing. Share metrics like number distributed, clicks and impressions for digital materials, responses generated, and new member sign-ups or inquiries. This helps both organizations understand the impact and refine strategy.

Refresh Content Frequently

Don’t let your co-branded marketing materials become stale. Work with WellCare to create new versions and updated content on a regular basis. Reflect seasonal messaging, community health initiatives, insurance plan changes, and other timely topics. This keeps the materials exciting.

Follow Up with Personalized Outreach

When co-branded marketing generates new patient or member inquiries for your practice, be sure to follow up. Call each person to thank them for their interest and answer any additional questions. Make the conversation personal and focus on how you can meet their needs.

Restrictions on Use of WellCare’s Brand

While there are many positive benefits to co-branding with WellCare, there are also some restrictions providers must be aware of:

Marketing Beyond Approved Materials

Providers may only use WellCare’s brand on approved marketing materials. Usage in any other media or formats requires separate approval. Never assume existing approval extends beyond the specific materials.

Altering Brand Colors or Logos

Never alter the colors, dimensions, font, orientation or other elements of WellCare’s logo. The logo files must be used as provided. This protects brand integrity.

Creating Your Own WellCare Materials

Never attempt to create marketing materials featuring WellCare’s brand without going through the official approval process. Even if you’ve been approved before, each new material must be individually reviewed.

Sharing Materials Beyond Intended Audience

Co-branded materials featuring WellCare’s brand should only be distributed to the intended target audiences and member population, not general distribution. Avoid sharing more broadly without consent.

By understanding both the opportunities and limitations of co-branding with WellCare, providers can enhance their own marketing while building collaborative relationships. Maintain open communication with WellCare to ensure the brand is used properly.

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